MilliporeSigma Filter Cartridges

For over 50 years, MilliporeSigma has supplied distilleries around the world with microbial management solutions to monitor and remove microorganisms and other contaminants from spirits. Trusted as the “gold standard” by generations of distillers, MilliporeSigma products for clarification, pre-sterile, and sterile filtration will ensure microbial stability while maintaining quality, clarity, flavor, and aroma.

The Vitipore II & Vitipore II Plus PVDF final membrane offers:

  • Lowest protein and color binding
  • Highest membrane area and number of pleats per device
  • Most throughput
  • Only major symmetric beverage membrane
  • Higher membrane robustness and stress tolerance
  • Most reliable integrity testing
  • Available in 0.22 µm, 0.45 µm, 0.65 µm and 1.0 µm (absolute) pore size.
  • View Most Popular Grades & Configurations Chart (includes part numbers)

Additional MilliporeSigma cartridges available:

  • Bevigard™ M Prefilter
    • MilliporeSigma’s dual-layer 1.2 µm over 0.5 µm Bevigard M prefilter offers the best protection of sterile membrane filters.
  • Clarigard Prefiltration Filters 
    • The Clarigard is a wrapped prefiltration cartridge that offers an efficient combination of high dirt holding capacity and high retention to protect final filters in streams that may have a large concentration of small particles.
  • Polygard® CR Clarification Filters
    • Polygard CR clarification filters are an ideal bottling filter when sterile filtration is not required. The high dirt loading capacity of the Polygard CR makes it a reliable trap filter. The Polygard CR is available in pore size ratings up to 100 µm. MilliporeSigma has dozens of other prefiltration and clarification cartridges that can be matched to specific applications.
  • Aervent® Gas and Vent Filters
    • Sterile filtration of gases can be crucial to maintaining microbial stability on a bottling line. The Aervent features a highly hydrophobic (water repelling) PTFE 0.2 µm membrane that allows for high gas flow rates, prevents wetting, and maintains a sterile barrier.


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