Filter Sheets

Cellupore CSF Filter Sheet Series

Gusmer Enterprises’ latest developed range of filter sheet media, the Crystalline Silica Free (CSF) filter series, has been designed and formulated to be free of crystalline silica* yet offer the same outstanding performance of conventional filter sheet media. Gusmer’s CSF gradient density filter sheets are a composite of the finest cellulose pulps and crystalline silica free filter aids. Produced with a controlled porosity, the CSF filter sheets have superior throughput capacity and excellent retention capabilities. The CSF series can be relied on to remove micron and submicron particulate such as gross solids, haze constituents, yeast, bacteria and colloids on a consistent basis while preserving color, aromas and flavors in beverage products.
*Based on OSHA mixture exception of <1% crystalline silica for natural DE.

Filtration Type
Filter Grades
Possible Applications
Recommended Flow Rates gal/hr/ft² (liter/hr/m²)
Maximum Flow Rates gal/hr/ft² (liter/hr/m²)
Maximum Differential Pressure (psid)
Coarse Filtration
CSF-XC (extra coarse) CSF-SC (standard coarse)
Arrest Fermentation, Gross Clarification, Fining Agent Removal, Bioreduction
24-32 (978-1304)
30-40 (1222-1630)
Polish / Clarifying Filtration
CSF-SP (standard polish)
High Degree of Clarification, Fining Agent Removal, Bioreduction
8-24 (326-978)
20-30 (815-1222)
Sterile / Premembrane Filtration
CSF-SF (standard fine) CSF-UF (ultra fine)
High Degree of Clarification, Bioreduction, Membrane Filtration Preparation
3-12 (122-489)
10-15 (407-611)

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Additional Filter Sheet Series: 

  • 1300SD Filter Sheet Series
    Gusmer’s 1300SD series of pure cellulose depth filters offers enhanced contaminant loading capacity.  This media series contains a blend of cellulose fibers suitable for filtration applications in the 1-20 micrometer range.  The 1300SD series exhibits high wet strength, low extractables, and increased throughput and is recommended for applications where diatomaceous earth containing media is unsuitable.
  • 1700W Filter Sheet Series
    Gusmer’s 1700W depth filter sheets are specifically designed for coarse, polish, and sterile filtration applications in the food and beverage industry.  The 1700W series consists of 11 different retention grades.  Each grade consists of mixtures of cellulose and kieselguhr, exhibiting a positive zeta potential for a full range of reliable filtration performance for all applications.
  • 1900SD Filter Sheet Series
    Gusmer’s 1900SD series of gradient density depth filters provide superior throughput capacity, thus reducing filtration costs.  This range of controlled prorsity media exhibits positive charge properties to enhance filtration performance and provides higher wet strength, low extractables, and increased throughput due to advanced manufacturing technologies.
Gusmer Cellulose Filter Sheet with Natural DE and Perlite SDS
Gusmer Cellulose Filter Sheet with Natural DE SDS

1300 SD PDS
Gusmer Cellulose Filter Sheet SDS

1700W PDS
1900SD PDS
Gusmer Cellulose Filter Sheet with DE SDS