Arôbois Arôneo French Oak Chips

Arôbois has developed a unique and high-performance range of chips in an innovative production process, the result of a highly sophisticated research and development project. The Arôneo range is composed of four very different and original recipes: Sweet (Douceur), Balance (Equilibre), Fresh (Fraicheur), Intense.

Key Features

  • Sweet (Douceur) – caramel, vanilla, sweetness
  • Balance (Equilibre) – licorice, silky tannins
  • Fresh (Fraicheur) – spice, length
  • Intense – almond, cocoa, roundness

Typical Dose Rates:  Dose Rate is application specific, but a general range is 10 to 45 lbs / 1,000 gal. Laboratory trials can be used to optimize the dose rate. Contact your Gusmer representative for more information.

Arôbois Arôneo Oak Product Data Sheet
Arôbois Arôneo Oak SDS
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